KNX Dimming Actuator 4 CH 250W DM104

ACTUATOR Dimming Actuators




  • 2 channel and 4 channel versions.
  • Dimming range 0-100%.
  • For dimming incandescent lamps, low voltage and high voltage
    halogen lamps, Dimmable CFL and Dimmable LED Driver loads.
  • Device and KNX bus module can be swapped independently of each other.
  • Removable KNX bus module enables devices to be changed without reprogramming.
  • LED channel status indicator for each channel.
  • Manual operation on device (even without bus connection).
  • Dimming output: 300W per channel for 2 channels version,
  • 250W per channel for 4 channels version.
  • Automatic load type detection (can be deactivated).
  • For R, L and C load.
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