Levixo 50

Barrier Gate Up to 5M 230V




  • Suitable for semi intensive use up to 600 openings and closings per day with a 5m boom
    • All settings are pre-programmed
    • Meets standards after self-learning without any additional setting
  • Plug and start
    • Ready to go with a pre-set installation
    • No self-learning needed, end limits already setup
    • Pre-set features ready to start or customizable if Needed
  • Easy to use
    • 6 operating modes
    • Automatic closing with adjustable delay
    • Fast closing setting with immediate closing after
  • Customizable for your application
    • Courtesy light or led warning compatible
    • Differentiated open and close wired input
    • Compatible for schedule operation with timer
    • Compatible with optical safety edge
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