LFAB 4000

L FAB Swing Gate Up to 4M/Leaf 230V Under Ground




  • It can release from inside or outside. two key or lever operated models, easy to operate with just one hand.
  • Offers simple installation.
  • built-in mechanical stop system on closure.
  • Standard opening to 110 degrees or optional 360 degrees.
  • Simple programming via a single key.
  • Self-learning of travel limits on opening and closing.
  • Self-diagnostics of faults.
  • Programming of pause time.
  • Pass door.
  • Deceleration on opening and closing.
  • Dual technology obstacle detection.
  • Operation in the event of a power failure with optional rechargeable batteries. (LFAB4024)
  • Provision for connection of latest generation sensitive edges.
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