Lxengo L 3S 24VDC

Lxengo L Swing Gate Kit Up to 4M/Leaf 3S 24VDC Surface




  • Easy to install:
    • Adjustable or weldable fixing pillar brackets, adapting to all installation configurations
    • Advanced and unique end limits setting accessible from the top with a led blinking when the good position is reached
  • Safe to use:
    • Its non-reversing mechanism provides excellent resistance against high winds or forcing
    • Easy and secured de-clutching with individual key.
  • Customized installation:
    • Soft stop and adjustable torque
    • Very accurate closing position and closing force adjustment
    • Slow speed area and offset between 2 leaves adjustable down to minimum
  • Application area in detail:
    • 4 m and 170 kg
    • 3 m and 300 kg
    • 6 m and 400 kg
    • Electric lock recommended for leaves above 2 m
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