Barrier Gate 24VDC 3M-4M




  • Electromechanical road barrier system for control of road access.
  • 24 Vdc gear motor, with built-in control unit,adjustable speed and anti-crush safety function.
  • Two types of case available, galvanized steel or stainless steel (AISI 304) in three sizes
    from 3 to 7 meters long.
  • More comfort and safety in programming and maintenance
  • The same built-in control unit is used on all versions, and is installed in the bottom part of the barrier body.
  • Large front door for quick and easy access.
  • Easily-removable reinforced gear motor support.
  • Maximum anti-crush safety when both opening and closing; barrier body supports
    on the inside for minimum visual impact.
  • Electronically-adjustable speed from 3.5” (Wide M) to 5” (Wide L) for fast opening.
  • Sturdiness, reliability and easy installation Elliptical section bar for lighter weight and higher wind-gust
    resistance; special profile for fast assembly of the accessories.
    Optional pivot joint to protect the barrier in the event of collision.
  • The bar can be assembled either on the right or left.
  • Easy to balance, thanks to practical spring tension adjustment.
  • No blackouts: operation is guaranteed in the event of power outages by the PS234 backup battery installed
    inside the control unit.
  • Release with triangular key protected against the weather.
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